Spicher and Co. Vintage Vinyl Floormats (P21-Mad Hatter Tea Party)



Vintage Vinyl is durable and certified non-slip with a tough tactile surface, notable designs, and signature vintage character.  Each pattern has a distinct feel inspired by the past.

Vintage Vinyl is a phthalate-free perfect match for high traffic areas.  The vinyl surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth and water.  With proper care, Vintage Vinyl can be used in outdoor settings exposed to rain, such as a covered porch.


Keeping Vintage Vinyl clean is simple.  Use a damp cloth for regular cleaning.  For stubborn jobs, wash with a mild diluted hand soap and rinse with water after cleaning.  Do not use dish soap, harsh chemicals or abrasives, which will wear off the finish and colors of the vinyl.

Although Vintage Vinyl is durable in high traffic areas, it is not indestructible.  Use reasonable caution and care on this product.  Do not drag metal or heavy furniture across the surface.

For outdoor use, allow vinyl underside to dry after rain or wet weather conditions to prevent mildew.


24 x 36

38 x 56



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24 X 36, 38 X 56


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