For more than 175 years, Gien has been renowned for its supreme faience artistry executed by the finest craftsmen at the Gien Faience Factory in the Loire Valley of France.

The Gien Faiencerie was founded in 1821 by Thomas Hulm (known as Hall). Hall converted a convent in the town of Gien along the Loire River into a factory to produce faïence dinnerware and art pieces in the English ...Read more about Gien »

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Take a break sweetness!Fire crackling in the fireplace, the snow is not far away and it is good to find each other around a tea smoking at the back of the slopes.The imaginary garden decor plunges us into the atmosphere of a mountain cottage in the heart of the winter in the Alps.A collection designed by Isabelle de borchgrave to detail charming as this groundhog imaginary and these edelweiss in vibrant colours.

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